Who is Dr. Neubrander?

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Can you describe your clinics treatment options?

The Road To Recovery Clinic is a consultative practice primarily based on biomedical treatments for treating chronic illness and immune system issues that result in developmental or neurocognitive delays. Although we are well known for our work with autism, we also treat allergies, ADD, ADHD, PANDAS, and various gastrointestinal disorders.

A common misconception is that the clinic only works with children. This is an incorrect assumption. Adults also can have issues with chronic illness or immune dysfunction and could benefit from our therapies. It just happens to be that most of our patients are newly diagnosed with autism and find us through the autism community. The bulk of these are patients under the age of 10. However, for most of our protocols, age is not a limiting factor.
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What do I do to become a patient?

Because we are not a walk-in clinic and our procedures are different from a typical doctor's office, we ask that you call and speak to the office manager and let him go over the process to becoming a patient.

Call (732) 726-1222 and ask to speak with Rick about becoming a new patient. Typically these calls take 15-20 minutes, so please call with this amount of time available to you.
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What happens on the first visit?

It is actually better to start with what needs to happen before the initial visit. When you book your appointment, you will be given a password to the paperwork that you will need to complete before you arrive. If you are dealing with autism spectrum issues, the paperwork is quite involved and averages about 10 hours to complete. For the non-ASD patients, the paperwork is much shorter and less time is required to complete it.

Two days before your appointment you will need to have emailed or faxed the completed paperwork. On the day of the appointment you will need to bring the patient so we can do a physical exam. After the exam you will then meet with the doctor. The time with the doctor will vary depending on the reason for your visit. For the first visit, the amount of time that will be needed with the doctor will be determined by the office manager when you call to set up the appointment.
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What happens after the first visit?

When you leave the office, you will be emailed a Signout Report, Lab prescriptions and any necessary handouts. Prescription medications will be faxed to the pharmacy directly. It is advisable that the labs be drawn and processed as soon as possible as it takes about three weeks for the results to come in. You should call the office to schedule a follow up appointment after you employ the clinician's treatment protocol(s). Be sure to read the Signout Report as it will tell you when and for how long to schedule the follow up appointment. When you schedule an appointment, make sure to tell the staff if you are reviewing any labs in addition to the regular follow up needed for treatment. If you do not let the staff know that you have labs to review then the staff will not schedule the necessary time to review those results with the doctor.

You will receive by email an Opens List (a list of issues to keep open and in front of our eyes), the Physical Exam and an Invoice about 3-5 weeks after your initial visit. It takes time for the doctor to read through your paperwork to create the Opens List. As soon as the doctor has finished the Opens List, we send an email to you to keep for your own records.
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Will you be our primary doctor or pediatrician?

We are not a first-care responder. You will still have to see your regular doctor or pediatrician for your normal health issues. Our clinic primarily provides treatment for the chronic or developmental issues the patient may be experiencing.
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Will you be able to give a prognosis?

As most of the conditions we treat do not have a known "cure", we do not have the ability to offer a definitive prognosis. However, when adherent to our advised protocols, we do experience normalized bell-shaped curves in patient improvement(s). There is a group of patients that have lost their diagnosis, another group that has significantly improved, a group that has demonstrated moderate improvement, and another group that has shown slight or mild improvement. As each patient responds differently, without a magic crystal ball, we cannot quantify how much improvement you will see; yet the vast majority of our patients do improve using our protocols.
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What insurances do you take?

Our clinic is unable to to accept any insurance and is considered "out of network." It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company before committing to our program in order to determine the exact policies of your insurance plan. We will provide all of the documentation required by your insurer so that you may get reimbursement if possible, but since many of the treatments are considered off-label or not the "usual standard of care," there is no guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you for any of our treatments. Please note that if you choose to submit our invoice to your insurance company, telephone consults generally are not covered by insurance.
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